2016 Yamaha YZ450FWhats’s new on the YZ450F?

  1. Launch Control System (LCS) uses high-precision ECU calculations to optimize power output, providing ideal acceleration off the gate, especially on hard track surfaces.
  2. New intake and exhaust cam profiles and timing boost combustion efficiency and improve the engine’s ease of use in the low- to mid-rpm range.
  3. Revisions to the clutch boss and shift stopper arm provide smooth clutch engagement feel and more precise shifting action when the gate drops.
  4. Revised engine mounts and a reshaped swingarm pivot section of the aluminum frame improve lateral rigidity
  5. New 270mm front disc brake (up from 250mm) also features a new brake pad material for exceptional stopping power and control for aggressive corner entries.
  6. The lift and overlap on the valves has been changed to produce more low-to-mid power.
  7. The water pump impeller has been drilled to improve pressure distribution
  8. Triple clamp offset has been changed from 22mm to the 25mm.
  9. The shock spring rate has been softened from 58Nm to 56Nm.
  10. The footpegs have been lowered by 5mm.
  11. The aluminum Bilateral Beam frame features a new forged section at the swingarm pivot and 2mm thicker motor mounts to further improve the rigidity balance for more front-end feel, cornering traction and unmatched lightweight handling.

60th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate their 60th Anniversary of racing, the 2016 Yamaha YZ250F and YZ450F will come in classic yellow but it will be at an extra cost.

2016 Yamaha YZ450F-02


Holeshot Device

Yamaha will join the Launch Control parade with its’ new Launch Control System (LCS).

2016 Yamaha YZ450F-03


2016 Yamaha YZ450F-05What’s new on the YZ250F?

  1. A new, lightweight, forged, two-ring piston headlines the improvements to the 2016 YZ250F. The piston features a flat crown surface with additional strengthening ribs and a shorter, more durable piston pin with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating.
  2. Revised piston oil jets direct oil underneath the new piston, which helps promote cooling and contributes to more stable engine performance.
  3. Optimized crankshaft and counterbalancer designs provide a revised balance ratio, predictive power delivery, and reduced vibration.
  4. Revisions to the YZ250F clutch boss and shift-stopper arm provide smoother clutch engagement feel and more precise shifting action.
  5. New ECU settings result in a smoother transition as the rider reaches the rev limiter.
  6. New brake pad material and a larger 270mm front brake rotor deliver improved stopping power.
  7. New front and rear suspension settings help smooth sudden jolts and reduce front-end dive for a smoother, more balanced damping feel when cornering.
  8. Revisions to the clutch boss and shift stopper arm provide smooth clutch engagement feel and more precise shifting action when the gate drops.

Front Brake Disc

Yamaha’s new 270mm brake disc should improve the braking and get them a place at the braking table.

2016 Yamaha YZ450F-04


2016 Yamaha YZ450F-06What’s new on the YZ250X two-stroke

  1. 2016 YZ250X is an offroad version of the YZ250 motocross bike with less compression, new port timing, 18-inch rear wheel and wide-ratio five-speed gearbox.
  2. Based on the YZ250 motocrosser, the X features updated styling from the front fender to the rear brake protector.
  3. The YZ250X aluminum oversize handlebars; YZ-F-style foot pegs, a gripper seat; Excel rims with Dunlop AT-81 tires and an 18-inch rear wheel
  4. There is a sealed O-ring chain, narrower expansion chamber, side stand and a fuel tank with a reserve petcock.