Stop Sitting yourself to Death

You know you need to be fit and conditioned to ride safely and well, right? The problem is you have a job that keeps you chained to a desk for 10 hours a day. For most of human history people performed more physical work than we typically do now. Nowadays many of us tend to sit slouched at a desk pushing buttons or in meetings for much of the day.  Then we get home and the sitting continues as we flop down in front of the TV. This is a lifestyle guaranteed to make us weak, fat, lazy, unhealthy slobs whilst also depleting testosterone.


Sitting is the new Smoking

In recent years, researchers have formed a strong consensus with regards to the health effects of sitting. We could really scare you with statistics and research data but in short, the more time you spend sitting, the shorter and less healthy your life will tend to be. “Chronic sitting” actually puts you at risk of poor health and early death …


The article in our May/ June issue 151 looks at some ways we desk jockeys can work around this problem whilst still putting in a productive day in the office.