Joey Evans


“Joey Evans is probably the most inspirational man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Down-to-earth, always smiling, always cheerful and always passionate about racing dirt bikes despite horrific injuries and permanent disabilities you would never know he had if you met him. Joey is a very committed and clean-living Christian who spends much of his life serving others. He inspired and helped me to recover from a helicopter accident I was injured in, and has helped many others too.”   

Gary Franks


This is an incredible story of how a humble but determined and courageous man’s dream of one day completing the Dakar, has driven him to miraculous achievements considering his disability. That goal, once just an extremely unlikely dream, is now perhaps achievable. Wouldn’t it be special if he achieved the dream? I hope we can help Joey get to Dakar because if anyone can finish it, Joey Evans can.


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