Riding in thick sand is a lot like a speed boat in water – below a certain speed the boat wallows deep in the water and is difficult to control. Pick up the speed and the boat lifts and starts planing higher out of the water where it’s easier to control.


So when riding sand a good general rule of thumb is you always need to be on the gas. This way it keeps you in control of the bike, gets the bike up out of the sand and keeps the front wheel light. Even when you get sideways often the best solution is to give it even more gas in order to straighten up.


Your body position will generally be neutral (central) to further back with extra emphasis on using your legs and staying loose on the bike. Each lap the track changes especially during a race so you have to be prepared at all times in these conditions.


In the magazine article (May/ June issue 151) Mike takes us through the different aspects of riding sand including corners, straights and even jumps. His points are all illustrated with pics to help you visualise each step.