By Morag Campbell


Having broken my wrist last year, I guess I was a good candidate to test out these EVS gloves which are designed for off road riders with weak or injured wrists. Being a dual purpose GS rider, my normal glove is the GS Pro glove, and as such, has been used for comparison purposes.

EVS Wrister glove showing the limited flex spine which limits your wrists range

EVS Wrister glove showing the limited flex spine which limits your wrists range

Comprised of glove, Velcro wrist wrap and removable/ adjustable shock absorption plastic spine designed to limit hyperextension and compression injuries of the wrist. The support Velcro’s on to the back of the glove, fitting into a snug pocket on the top of the glove. This spine has been sectioned to come together to a maximum hyperextension angle, at which point it stops bending backwards, thus protecting your wrist from (same) hyperextention. The long velcro wrap, adjustable to your wrist dimensions, effectively acts as the tension control of the cuff and spine, providing increased wrist stability and support. Fortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to actually test these gloves through an actual fall. But in reviewing the angles of reflections, the spine does limit the backward movement as you see in the photos.


I’m attempting to show how the gloves prevent over-extension

They are easy to put on and easy to wear, and I like the styling. The wrap around velcro strap felt good, almost comforting, around my wrists. On first standing up on the bike, slow skills, I was very aware of the ‘spine‘ pressing into the top of my hand. However, I soon became accustomed to this and later realized that I could actually re-position the spine slightly higher up towards the wrist, thus eliminating this factor. In comparison to my normal glove I feel the glove could have generally more ‘protective’ awareness, especially around the knuckles, and perhaps even outer edge of the hand/ palm. I also found that the grip was slippery and ‘loose’ (despite the silicone gripper print on the fingers). I did however get used to this quickly. My smart phone screen did not respond to the glove touch, so had to remove the glove in order to use the cell phone camera.  Sizing: I am size 8-8.5 in GS gloves, and these are XL and fit me.


When I broke my radial bone in my wrist last year, I recall the subsequent rigid taping provided more rigid support, both physical and psychological. However, it was always a tight fit and time consuming to slide the glove over the additional taping (never mind the time to get it taped). Thus I think that while the EVS glove is perhaps not a substitute for a rigid brace or taping (which provide a specific range of limited movement) they do offer additional moderate wrist support and a sense of support for riders with concerns of wrist weakness or injury.


Available from Bikers Warehouse, Full Throttle and other good accessory stores and dealers for around R950.00