For Junior or short lady riders wanting to ride enduro, there still isn’t an ideal bike available off the floor. An 85cc motocross bike is light and low enough, and young riders can progress from small wheels to larger wheels on the same bike as they grow. These little rockets deliver amazing horsepower and offer excellent handling with good suspension too.

However they are designed for motocross and as such can be very difficult to ride in technical terrain, mainly because they have very little torque and a power delivery that is about as gentle as a tsunami. Youngsters and new riders generally haven’t developed great clutch control yet and they struggle with the bike and building confidence.

Kevern Pelser has been tuning bikes for ages and is the man behind setting up many top riders’ bikes today. Kevern has fine tuned a setup for 85’s and supplies a kit for the KTM and Husqvarna that really works. His son Ryan Pelser has used this setup to great effect in recent years, beating most of the 125cc High School riders on his 85cc.

Ryan Pivot

Ryan showing how manageable the 85 becomes with the enduro kit

The kit comes with an electroplated flywheel weight and fitting tool, a spacer to offset the magneto/ flywheel cover (to accommodate the flywheel weight), a reed-block spacer and gasket, and the longer bolts required. The flywheel weight smoothes out the power delivery and provides more engine inertia which boosts the torque, helping the bike chug at low rpm’s a lot better and making it easier to ride. The reed-block spacer increases and widens the low to mid range power band. “Anyone with reasonable technical skills can fit the kit in an hour or less, or we can do it for you very reasonably”, says Kevern who runs his own bike workshop in Pretoria.


These changes combined with sprocket changes to suit the terrain you’re riding in, and some suspension setting changes, make the KTM 85SX so much easier to ride and more effective in an enduro environment which really helps develop confidence in young/ new riders. The results speak for themselves with all 3 bikes on the Pro Mini podium at the recent Enduro World Mini Enduro running the RKM Enduro Kit.

The Pro Mini Podium at Enduro World's inaugural Mini Enduro

The Pro Mini Podium at Enduro World’s inaugural Mini Enduro

The kit costs R1800 and is available directly from Kevern – Mobile 083 281 0379 or