Damian HorsfordShortly after Damian’s birth we recognised that his heart beat was very fast,we took him to the podiatrist who said that all was fine and he would outgrow it by the age of around 4 years old.

Now 4 years later he had the flu and we took him to the doctor, who noticed his heart beat and recommended we take him for x-rays. The x-rays showed that his heart was over-sized, so we then took him to another podiatrist to assess and he picked up there was trouble. We were then referred to a cardiologist in Pretoria by the Heart Hospital were he did a sonar and saw that Damian originally had 4 holes in his heart, one of which has already healed itself but the others are too big and won’t heal.

He now needs to go for more tests in 3 weeks time where they pump ink into his body to determine all the factors that need to be fixed as he has a lot of pressure on his lungs. As we were still on our 3 month waiting period at the medical aid they don’t cover any of the expenses and the operation costs are estimated by the cardiologists at around R350,000.00. We need to pay for the operation and hospitalization. As it’s such a huge amount of money and we haven’t got it, we are hosting 2 events as fund raisers for his hear operation.

The 9th of July we have got a “day jol” and Car Show at “Toe Word ons Dors in Middelburg” with Chrizaan the singer performing in the evening. Cost is R30 pp at the gate and tickets for the evening show are R60 pp. There will be stalls and other activities to keep all busy.

Then we have got an enduro race for quads and 2 wheelers the 16th of July at Amanzintaba Resort 50km outside Witbank. This will be a fun filled day with lots of stalls and other activities to keep all busy. Juan Boucher will be preforming in the evening after the race and tickets are R90 pp.

All we ask is to please come and support us to make these events a huge success and raise the funds for Damian. We have created a bank account for Damian where donations can be paid in and the account will be audited should anyone have any queries about the funds.

The banking details are as follows.

Damian Horsford

Current acc no 1131405625

Branch code 198765


For any enquiries please contact Jonathan Horsford on 0725093988 or Louise Horsford on 0826904134