By Denise Forsyth


Image 4“Empowering” is a trendy word nowadays and is said to be the answer to boosting our economy. Well now you can empower even a small car and, in the process, yourself … as I have just discovered.


I am very passionate about my riding but I rely on my hubby to load my bike on the trailer and take us out riding. However sometimes that cramps his style or I want to go join lady riders on a different ride – up to now that has been frustrating as I haven’t had a tow bar or alternative means of carting my bike.

I assumed my options were to sell my little VW Citi Golf Rhythm and buy a small pick-up truck, or a bigger car that could tow a trailer. Then I discovered a much simpler, less costly solution – the X-RAMP. Little did I know it can be fitted to almost any small car.


Kelvin fitting the towbar

Kelvin fitting the towbar

Even with the X-RAMP adapter it's a neat installation

Even with the X-RAMP adapter it’s a neat installation

But first I needed a tow bar. Marthin from X-RAMP referred me to WEBB TOWBARS and I went off to meet Kelvin. This friendly man knew exactly what he was doing and fitted the towbar and X-RAMP while we waited. The towbar is very well hidden and very neat with most of it hidden neatly behind the rear bumper.

Kelvin fitted the X-RAMP adapter and showed me how it all works, so the whole procedure was a one-stop-shop affair and very painless.

It's all very neat - note how the loading ramp has its own place.

It’s all very neat – note how the loading ramp has its own place.

Then came the test.  I was a bit sceptical at first because my vehicle is small and I was worried that it would not be able to hold my bike – which weighs about 110kg’s.  But I had nothing to worry about – it really is so easy to use and works so well. I was able to put the X-RAMP on the extension, bolt the ramp in, load my bike and off I went in no time. That first time I used it I was so proud of my little car and my new-found independence.

Absolute convenience and independence at minimal cost - very empowering

Absolute convenience and independence at minimal cost – very empowering

The X-RAMP comes with a ramp for loading which hooks into position to make sure that the ramp will not fall off while loading your bike.  The ramp is stored parallel to the X-RAMP and has a small latch that holds it in place while you travel.  I also find it very easy to off load my bike.

I am extremely impressed with both the tow bar fitting/ extension and the X-RAMP.   The X-RAMP is quick and easy for anyone to use and is such a convenient way to load your bike for a ride without the need for a pick-up truck or the hassle and expense of a trailer.  It makes such a difference knowing I now have the X-RAMP and that I can load my bike for a ride at anytime with ease.  Truly EMPOWERING!


A huge thanks to Kelvin from WEBB TOWBARS and Marthin from X-RAMP for the professional service and equipment.

WEBB TOWBARS – 074 702 4616 or 076 631 7971

X-RAMP – 079 449 6002