Pic by Zoon Cronje


Team Brother Leader Tread KTM’s Louw Schmidt shows us the correct style and technique for railing turns. Of course bowl or berm turns as seen in the pic are always much easier than flat turns, but the basics are pretty much the same. Get the basics right and you will soon master turns where you can make up lots of time and have a whole lot more fun.

2017 KTM Launch images by Zoon Cronje from www.zcmc.co.za

  1. Applying weight in the right places is key. Note how Louw’s right leg is hugging the tank and by sitting right forward and to the outside of the bike, his weight is being applied to the outside footpeg which has the all important effect of planting the tyres into the turf for maximum traction. If it were a flatter or loose corner he would probably be sitting even further to the outside. Being far forward ensures weight on the front tyre to ensure it bites.
  2. His outside (right) elbow is up, steering the bike and providing control and starting to roll on the gas which he can do because he did everything correctly – slower entry – correct technique – fast exit.
  3. Inside leg (left) is extended forward and slightly above the ground which helps him balance and weights the front. He tries not to plant the leg or dab with it.
  4. Head is over the bars and he is looking through the exit of the corner because you should be looking as far ahead as you can and because your bike and body will go where you are looking.
  5. Left hand index finger is ready to feather the clutch for more power if needed.