Endure Hydrate is now available in sachets for complete convenience.


hydrate-sachet-pack-shot-webEndure Hydrate is an extreme sports hydration product that has been on the market for over a decade. The product was developed by a pharmaceutical company in collaboration with Enduro World, and has evolved and been upgraded over the years. Hydrate is designed to Replace the electrolytes you lose, Extend your endurance, Improve recovery, Replenish blood glycogen and Fight off cramping during rigorous sports.

Endure Hydrate has been tested and endorsed by top riders like Kyle Flanagan, William Gillitt and others who we can’t name due to their sponsorship contracts.


Each 50 gram sachet is sufficient for 1 litre of water and provides approximately 168 calories or 68 Kj of energy.

The sachets are available in packs of 10 which retail for R150.00 inclusive of VAT.

Endure Hydrate is also available in 1 kg tubs @ R220.00 inclusive of VAT.

Contact Enduro World on Tel – 087 808 7192 or info@enduroworld.co.za