by Gary Franks


Comfortable, cool and durable

Comfortable, cool and durable

We first tested EVS’s TUG (Technical Under Gear) FUSION socks a good 3 years ago and have been sold on them ever since. I have literally used no other socks since then and only now has one of my 3 pairs started to develop a hole in the toe area. And I ride on average once a week.

The socks are very comfortable, well ventilated and as mentioned, durable. Cleverly located silicone strips keep them from slipping down and assist your braces to stay in place too. They are long enough to fold over the top of your brace if you find they slip down, but that has not been necessary in my experience.

Prior to using these I wore a brace sleeve and MX socks – with these there is no need to wear the brace sleeve.


Expect to pay around R590.00 a pair – available from RAD MOTO, MOTO MATE, BIKER’S WAREHOUSE and other popular dealers.

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