bLU cRU Yamaha pull out all the stops for Roof 2016!


Your entry is confirmed and paid for, your training program has got you physically prepared, you have your race meals and supplements all worked out, and your Yamaha race bike is ready to take you on the toughest three day ride of the year! Everything is ready!

In less than a month you and your Yamaha will tackle the 2016 edition of the Motul Roof of Africa!!

Well, here is some even more good news for you!


If you have entered the Roof of Africa on a Yamaha, you can expect to be treated like a factory racer for the duration of the event.

bLU cRU Yamaha’s Roof support program is there to take the pressure off you and your crew by offering all Yamaha Roof entrants the following services:

  • The bLU cRU Yamaha Roof Support Centre will be set up at the official Roof start/Finish area, in a massive 300sqm marquee tent!
  • Here, as you finish your day’s ride, bLU cRU Yamaha’s technicians will greet you, fill out a job card listing your necessary bike maintenance – and then wish you well as you depart to your accommodation for some well-earned R & R!
  • The next time you will see your fully prepped race bike will be on the start line the following morning!
  • During that time, bLU cRU Yamaha technicians will:
    • Clean your bike
    • Change your tyres/ mousses
    • Air filters
    • Oil changes
    • Chain lubes
    • Set up adjustments
    • In fact, whatever you require, they will be able to do it for you.
  • AND – all of this is a FREE service provided to you, our loyal Yamaha “Roof Factory Pilot”, by bLU cRU Yamaha.
  • You will not pay for any labour, lubes, tyre changes, bike washes, or security – it has all been laid on for you courtesy of bLU cRU Yamaha!
  • You will only have to pay for any spares that you may require, of which we will have stock of most key items right there in the Maluti Mountains!
  • And don’t stress about the safety of your bike overnight! We have a full blown security system in place, and your bike will be secure inside the marquee on each night.
  • If you are planning on changing tyres during the race, then please bear in mind that we will have Metzeler tyres for sale at our tyre changing service (powered by Wild West) situated inside the bLU cRU Yamaha marquee, so you do not have to worry about buying and transporting your tyres to Lesotho – we will do that for you!
  • If you wish to pre-book and or pay for tyres then please contact Francois Marais at He will gladly facilitate your requests, and his pricing is right on the button!


More good news for those Yamaha riders that are worried about their wives/girlfriends/ drunk friends or whomever they have recruited to be their service crew at the Roof, and the requisite work that they are required to do to keep their rider’s race going, is that bLU cRU Yamaha will have a dedicated service crew at each DSP, offering mechanical and refuelling assistance to any Yamaha rider (or their crew) requiring these services. Gazebos, lubes, enviro-mats, fire extinguishers, and selected spares will be available to keep your race going! All your crew will have to do is ensure that your race fuel and body fuel arrives at the bLU cRU Gazebo situated at each DSP – the bLU cRU boys will do the rest for you!


So, as you can see, if you’re a Yamaha rider, you’re a Yamaha Factory rider at the 2016 Motul Roof of Africa!

Any questions or queries can be sent through to