Both Husqvarna Motorcycles and KTM have announced that their 2018 enduro model ranges will include “new from the ground up” 250i and 300i two stroke models featuring engine technology set to revolutionise the field of 2-stroke enduro motorcycles.

The major benefits of the new-generation two-strokes’ fuel injection – which they’re referring to as Transfer Port Injection (TPI) technology – are increased fuel efficiently, better throttle response and the capacity to re-program fuel maps. We would definitely add to that list the huge advantage of not having to ever change your jetting!

And perhaps the new ECU will have the ability to also offer the traction control system seen on the 4 strokes?

Further information on the new models will only be released at the end of May and the new models will go into production in June … so we will probably have to be patient until at least July here in SA. Start saving, you’re not going to want to miss this leap forward in technology and it’s not going to come cheap!ktm fi