The Anti-bacterial Spray that will keep your Marriage Intact

by Gary Franks


So you have probably heard your wife complaining about your smelly riding kit more than once, right? It’s not the kind of thing we can argue against – let’s face it, riding kit can get pretty manky!

What you may not know is that what causes the pong, is bacteria. I can hear you thinking “on other people yes, not on me – I don’t have bacteria”. Guess again. What you also may not be aware of is that the bacteria in your kit can actually make you sick.


Sentinel Silver smallWe recently got to test out this anti-bacterial spray from Sentinel Chemicals. Many years back I tested a similar concept product which I really grew to appreciate. It’s not the kind of thing most riders would even be aware exists let alone buy, but it is very much the kind of product that once tried, will grow on you.

In a nutshell Silver has excellent ionizing properties, which means it is a brilliant guard against bacteria growing. It’s dead easy to use, just wash your helmet, boots, kit and then spray the Sentinel Silver all over/ in it. It will apparently last through several washes so you don’t need to spray again after every wash.

Then you can use that one helmet, pair of boots and set of kit for a whole week of riding and when you get home and dump it all in the laundry, your wife will still love you! That’s right, it won’t pong at all.

This bodes well for marriages when your partner attends a multi-day extreme event with you and has to share a room with you AND your kit!

I tested the product in my helmet in Lesotho over 3 days of tough riding while planning routes for our Roof Training Camps. Yup, it works well, I could still breathe in my helmet and had no need to use my spare. I think it is a great idea for events like the Roof and IMPI.


For more info on Sentinel Silver check out their Facebook page @SentinelChemical or the website – They have a store on BidOrBuy where you can purchase singles or bundles,