Protech 360 Fork Guards – Review

Greater protection means longer life from fork seals

By Gary Franks



We recently got a set of Protech Guards from England to try out. The idea behind these unique guards is that they envelop your fork stanchion far more than the standard ones your bike comes with, thereby protecting the stanchion better from stone chips and mud which can get up into the seals and cause leaks and damage.

When you think about it the older bikes that used conventional forks, like KDX’s for example, used to have a stanchion-protecting rubber boot, to prevent mud and flying stones/ roost from causing damage. By comparison, the upside down forks and the seals keeping back the oil or air on modern bikes, are pretty unprotected.

Many of the new MX models now come with air suspension which requires perfect sealing to ensure consistent pressure. So even the slightest scratch in the stanchion could see the fork losing pressure, which could end your race. Even oil forks do not like damaged stanchions much.

So the Protech 360 Fork Guard is, in our opinion, a very good idea. Anything that doesn’t add significant weight or cost, and could extend the service life of your forks between services, is definitely worth consideration.


BluelThe Protech guards immediately scored highly when fitting them because there was no need to remove the forks from the bike. They fit in exactly the same 3 holes as the OEM KTM guards, requiring not more than 10 minutes to fit. The only small issue I found was the cable retainer does not accommodate the odometer sensor cable, only the brake hose. The quality seems great and I can easily see how the guards will do a better job of keeping mud and stones off the stanchions.


Protech 360 guards are now available in SA from:

Shock Logic (Jhb), Mobile: +27(0)82 780 9020,  Email:

Plush Rides (CT), Mobile: +27 82 906 3553, Email:

RockOrangelet Racing (KZN), Tel: 031 702 2606, Email:


Retail price for a set is approximately R720.00 and they are available in various colours.