Thank you for our family of riders who supported us in our Michelin EWXC series for 2018.

Michelin EWXC Series 2019

26 January – New venue (Hartbeespoort dam)

2 March – Serendipity

13 April – Wolwekloof (Pretoria)

4 May – Heidelberg

Entries for the EWXC will be open on Race Control one month before the race date.

Michelin EWXC 2019 – Championship Points_Final




Over the last 12 years the Enduro World Cross Country (EWXC) Series has grown to become one of South Africa’s top off road/ enduro motorcycle Series. With 13 classes catering from 6 year old future champs right up to top professional sponsored riders, EWXC racing offers far more competitiveness for every one of the 205 riders (2018 average) who compete in each round.   For 2019 we have 4 EWXC rounds planned, which will form one exciting Championship … and we do mean “EXCITING”!   Sponsors
We are delighted to announce that Michelin will remain on board as our Title Sponsor for 2019. Michelin supports the series financially and provides awesome on the day support with staff, gazebo’s, flags and an arch.   For Various other great VIP Sponsorship Opportunities for 2019 please click on this link – EWXC 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities


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