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 Enduro World Roof Training Camp 2
 Location: Roma
 Moderator: Gary Franks
10-09-2014 - 10-12-2014
10:43 AM - 12:43 PM
R 3000.00 35 23

Our Lesotho Camps have become famous over the last 10 years, helping riders prepare for The Roof of Africa in the most stunning riding haven in the world- the Lesotho Highlands 

Our Roof Training Camps are quite unique. Instead of guided groups, we provide you with GPS tracks and send you off into the mountains, exactly like you do in the actual Roof.The routes will be tough and challenging, representing a proper Roof trial run.

 Enduro World Roof Training Camp 1
 Location: Roma
 Moderator: Gary Franks
10-02-2014 - 10-05-2014
11:18 AM - 02:18 PM
R 3000.00 35 22