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Enduro World Club Events 2012

Enduro World Club will run its 2012 EWXC and Sprint-Duro race events under WOMZA affiliation.
This decision has been taken after extended deliberation for various reasons which are available
by request. Suffice it to say we believe this decision will allow us to keep costs significantly lower
which means we can put more back into the events, adding value and enjoyment to your racing

Frequently asked Questions:

Who/ What is WOMZA?

“World of Motorsport ZA (South Africa)”. WOMZA is a section 21 non profit organization which has been in existence for about 6 years, mainly serving the oval track, stock car and drag racing facets of motorsport. The main function of WOMZA is to provide an administration function to circuit owners, promoters and the racing community across all facets of motor racing in South Africa. Their policy statement and introduction documents are available. WOMZA is not there to govern motorsport but to provide administration and insurance – they encourage each facet of motorsport
to govern themselves. They do take safety and standards seriously and expect officials to pass exams, tracks to be inspected etc.

What license do I need? Can I race in Enduro World events with my MSA license?

A WOMZA Bronze (club) license is required for our events. It costs R150 (payable to WOMZA). WOMZA also offer a silver license @ R250, which enables you to participate in WOMZA affiliated Regional level events; a gold license @ R500, which enables you to participate in WOMZA affiliated National events from 2 disciplines –e.g. Enduro/ Off road and Motocross. WOMZA’s Platinum license allows you to participate in any WOMZA affiliated event of any number of 2 wheel disciplines.

We apologise to those who have already taken out MSA licenses believing that Enduro World Club would run MSA affiliated events in 2012. The consolation is that you will save a lot more than the R150 additional license fee in lower entry fees than you would have paid had we gone with MSA.

What about medical insurance?

WOMZA do not force you to take out additional medical insurance. Enduro World Club requires that you do have adequate medical insurance which covers you for extreme sports and in particular, off road motorcycle racing. We require written proof of such from your medical insurers and a signed indemnity form from yourself. WOMZA offer 2 options for medical insurance – “Full” @ R1825 per annum – offers Medical/ Disability/ Death cover up to R100 000; or “Half” @ R1000 per annum – offers Medical/ Disability/ Death cover up to R50 000.

Enduro World Club strongly advises that all competitors should be covered by their own medical aid/ hospital plan which covers them for participating in off road motorcycle racing, ideally to at least 200% of medical aid rates.

Am I at risk of being sanctioned (suspended) by MSA for participating in non MSA affiliated events?

Our understanding is - MSA’s rules which you accept when you take out an MSA license mean they can sanction MSA license holders for participating in races which are not sanctioned by MSA. However they have stated that they will not be sanctioning riders as they do not want to be seen as using riders as pawns in the game. Their position on this may change depending on the outcome of a possible appeal against the court ruling between MSA and WOMZA. We believe this appeal will probably not happen within less than a year. We also feel it is unlikely that MSA would find it in their or the sport’s interests to suspend hundreds or thousands of riders.

What other WOMZA races can I compete in?

Enduro World were the first enduro club to affiliate with WOMZA. As such there are our two Enduro World series’. We believe that Rover Club have also affiliated to WOMZA for their regional and club events. There may soon be more clubs affiliating with WOMZA.

What is the process/ how do I get a WOMZA license?

You need to be a member of a club. You can join Enduro World Club online at
The WOMZA license application form is available from or or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send it to you. Pay the license fee to WOMZA – their bank details are on the license application form. Send your completed license application form with proof of deposit, proof of club membership and proof of medical insurance to WOMZA by fax or email.
Confirmation of your license approval and license number will be sent to you.
Your license card will be available for you at documentation at our next race, or you can ask WOMZA to post it to you.

What about Race/ Bike Numbers?

WOMZA can issue you with a bike number but please note that at this stage Enduro World Club will issue you with a number for our races, i.e., we will physically give you the sticker with number on it which you only need to apply to your front number board for Enduro World events.

Why can’t I use my MSA or WOMZA race number?

Enduro World’s race formats and classes are unique and the timing of our events is complex. We have had problems with timing and results in the past and the only fool-proof system we have found is to provide our own numbers which are colour coded and class coded. We are trying to find a better solution but until we are 100% sure it works, we are sticking to what we know works.


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