What is Mountain Madalas?
“Madalas” is Zulu for “old man”. Well in our sport we don’t get older, we just get better and as we do we were faster and faster … or so the stories go.

Enduro World’s Mountain Madalas gives the “Mature” riders an opportunity to re-live their favourite memories, and to have some good clean fun with their families. The route’s are usually about\ approximately 35 km’s per lap, nothing extreme or too challenging – just a really fun and enjoyable ride in the most beautiful place’s (Drakensburg, Clarens & Lesotho), with lots of friends and no pressure.   The routes are amazing routes which are carefully planned to include really fun riding with just enough mildly technical stuff to give you a bit of a challenge and a whole lot of fun.  We also have riding options for juniors and new riders.

For those who just refuse to accept their age (the childish ones amongst us) there will even be one or two optional challenges along the route.

Too Young to be a Madala? New Rider?
No problem, you’re welcome to ride with us old codgers … as long as you can stand listening to the stories of how fast we were when we were your age.  We offer a shorter, Green route as well for newbies and kiddies.
License Required? No racing license is required for Mountain Madalas as it is not a race.  Licensed riders are welcome though.

Michelin Mountain Madalas Series 2019

Our first Madalas for this year will be Clarens and our second one will be The Berg. This change is because the Berg should be warmer in May than Clarens would be.

16 February – Clarens

18 May – Berg

31 August – TBA

Hope to see you all there!!

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