Are you new to racing and not sure where to start and how to enter the races?

Here is a detailed page to assist you in getting started – this will be for our EWXC series.   Enduro World is affiliated to Womza (Not MSA) and you will need a Womza license to race in our series.

  1. Club Membership with Enduro World and Womza club license (One set of forms for both – apply though Enduro World and we will get your Womza license for you).
  2. Get your Womza license with your bike \ racing number for the year.   This number must appear on your bike, on your online race control entry and on your race tag.
  3.  Read the regulations online via the Race Control website.   Choose your class that best describes you. Note: if you are competing for the championship points you cannot change your class for the year as your points will not be carried over.
  4. Enter the race online via Race Control.  (Make sure you have created a profile first and use the same profile, do not change or create more than one profile).
  5. Let’s RACE !!

On the day of the race:  

All riders must come to Race Registration to collect their envelope and then got to timing tent to check your race tag number.

If you do not have a raced tag, please remember to bring cash with to purchase your race tag on the day.

Please remember that your bike number must be on the front and two sides of your bike when racing.


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